How To Check Your Senior Dog’s Lumps and Bumps

Chase Away K9 Cancer recently shared this video on their Facebook page that offers a good how-to on checking your dog’s lumps and bumps. In the six-minute video, called “Check Your Dog For Tumours,” Dr. Ken Wyatt also touches on keeping an eye on signs of lameness and breathing changes.

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Take 10 Minutes Today To Check Your Senior Dog’s Lumps And Bumps

Chase Away K9 Cancer, an organization that has raised $921,519 for canine cancer studies, offers a monthly reminder about the importance of checking your dog for potentially cancerous lumps, bumps and swelling.

According to Chase Away, 1 in 3 dogs will develop cancer. Early detection can make a difference in treatment and prognosis.

Print out the “Be Your Dog’s Hero” flyer below and put it on the fridge to remind yourself to take “10 on the 14th” of every month (at least) to look closely at and feel your senior dog’s body from head to toe.

If you’re new to this lumps and bumps business and unclear on why you should keep your eye on them—even though they’re very common for older dogs—I suggest watching the video, “Is it Cancer? Pet Lumps and Bumps” from the VetVid series featuring oncologist Dr. Mona Rosenberg. Find that episode, and others in the series, here.

Chase Away was established by Cera Reusser in memory of Chase, her Labrador Retriever, who passed away from cancer in 2006 at the age of six. The 14th of each month was picked as the monthly check date to honor Chase’s birth date.

Read more about Reusser and Chase and the Chase Away campaign, plus find cancer resources, here.

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Holidays and Houseguests: Go ahead and crack (up) under the stress!

DoveLewis Emergency and ICU Animal Hospital puts together a tip list to help make sure your dog stays healthy and happy during the holiday season. Most of DoveLewis’s advice focuses on food but houseguests are included as a potential hazard to pets!:

“Please understand that houseguests could upset your pets as well. Cats may choose to hide; dogs may become fearful or aggressive. Consider creating a ‘safe zone’ for your pets until the new sounds, smells, and activity of the holiday is over.”

Now, if I may add my own piece of advice for the holiday season: Watch out for stress! It’s bad for you and plus, when you’re feeling stressed your senior dog will pick up on it and feel the stress as well.

If the holidays are getting too hectic, take a time out and … crack up at the scary houseguests in the holiday classic “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation“!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_5329 We’re thankful for all that we have and don’t have. Wishing you all a happy healthy holiday with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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