Caring For The Caregiver: The impact of toxin build-up on two-leggers and their best friends

Dr. Richard Palmquist specializes in integrative veterinary medicine, which utilizes both conventional and alternative treatments. Palmquist, who is based in Los Angeles, writes a regular column for The Huffington Post and recently penned a compelling piece on the role toxins play in the health and exercise of people and their dogs.

“More doctors and veterinarians now recognize that many illnesses begin as people and pets accumulate toxic materials,” writes Palmquist. “As toxins build up they block normal regulatory systems and can lead to the body’s loss of ability to regulate and function. Eventually disease patterns emerge and we get sick, but before we get clinical illness often other signs appear that should serve as a warning that we need to change our ways and get healthier. If a person is sufficiently toxic or unhealthy, then they actually feel bad from exercise, which releases toxins and taxes already stressed organ systems. Such a person may need detoxification assistance.”

Palmquist discusses his own reluctance to exercise after he discovered he had high blood pressure and points out that this time of year many of us have failed in our resolutions to exercise more often. He urges us to look at the bigger picture — literally — for ourselves and our pets.

Obesity aggravates many health issues. Did you know that fat is the body’s reaction to a toxic situation? Excessive glucose made from ingesting too many calories would be damaging to the body, and while we need sugar for our cells to operate properly, excessive amounts are harmful. The body will store fat-soluble toxins like pesticides in fatty deposits. When we exercise those toxins can be released and make us feel poorly.”

Read Palmquist’s column, “Toxins and Exercise” here for a list of signs that toxins may be accumulating and lowering your health.

Cleanses have become quite popular for people looking to detoxify their bodies. A post today on NPR’s food blog, The Salt, takes on the trend. Check out “Can A Diet Clean Out Toxins In The Body?” here.

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Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Our favorite west coast vegan restaurant chain, Native Foods Cafe, lists five red foods that are good for your heart and offers a couple of delish recipes on its blog here.

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  1. This made me nervous. I’m feeling very tired these days. I’ve been exercising 4-5 nights a week and think it probably, hopefully has to do with overworked muscles. When I read detox therapies, I instantly thought of colonic irrigation. I had a friend who used to work in such a clinic and she swore by it. I wonder if it’d help me lose some weight. I just can’t seem to budge it and I don’t even remember the last time I had a passionfruit tart. Sigh. Sad.
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