Vet Talks “One Lump Or Two? … ”

Editor’s Note: DDY is out of the office today. As a follow up to our recent “Take 10 Minutes Today To Check Your Senior Dog’s Lumps and Bumps” here’s a post from our archives. 

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a veterinarian with the Animal Medical Center in New York, has been seeing, and treating, a lot of lumps lately. On her WebMD blog, “Tales from the Pet Clinic”, Hohenhaus—who is certified in oncology and internal medicine—shares details and a few photos of three recent cases, which all had different outcomes. She also offers this advice:

“If your veterinarian recommends aspiration cytology or a biopsy, go for it. Without additional information, it is impossible for me or any veterinarian, to give an owner bad news or good news about the lump on their dog.”

Read “Will that be One Lump or Two? A Guide to Lumps on your Dog” here.

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