In Case Of Emergency: Pet First Aid Tips And Tools

April is Pet First Aid Awareness month and I’ve run across some great information in recent days that I’d like to share. First up, directions for a DIY Pet First Aid Kit from DoveLewis, an nonprofit emergency animal hospital in Portland, Oregon. Click on the image for a larger view.

via DoveLewis on Facebook.

Grouchy Puppy’s post on Pet First Aid Awareness Month here offers a checklist and advice on preparing for an emergency from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

And I love the recent The Stanny Diaries post “Pet Hacks: 6 Tips on Preparing for Pet Emergencies,” which not only covers the tools needed but the emotional component of a health crisis. Here’s a snippet of tip number six: “Figure out how you’ll pay for an emergency”:

It’s a good idea to have a pet emergency financial plan in place so when your emotions are running high, you can still make good decisions for you and your pet.

Find the full post at The Stanny Diaries here.

If you’d like to find a Pet First Aid class in your area, check the American Red Cross site here, where you can search the schedule by zip code. I checked several cities and the price for a three-hour class is around $70. Businesses and community organizations in your area may also offer classes so try asking for recommendations at the vet’s office, the pet supply store, doggie daycare or your local dog park.

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3 Responses to In Case Of Emergency: Pet First Aid Tips And Tools

  1. We have a very old freebie kit. We also have a container full of meds, sprays, creams, blah blah that is just Georgia’s. Do we have a druggie dog?

    The first thing I need to work on in an emergency, is panicking (though I’m not as bad as The Other Half). I have all the 24 hour clinic numbers on my mobile and the fridge. Hope I never have to use them though.

    Have a great Easter break! 🙂 x
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  2. Erin says:

    Thanks for The Stanny Diaries mention! I took a Pet First Aid class, and highly recommend other pet parents learn the basics. I wish I had taken the class when Stan was a puppy, I might have handled his first disc injury a lot more efficiently.

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  3. houndstooth says:

    We’ve got three dog first aid kits. One big one for the house and two that Bunny and Morgan carry in their backpacks. I’ll be getting another one that can reside permanently in the van soon, too! Heck, last fall we were out hiking and I cut my ankle pretty badly while we were lost, thanks to my husband. My own first aid kit didn’t have gauze or a bandage big enough for the spot, but Bunny’s did!
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